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Generation and owner change at MAFAC

As of the 1st of April 2022, the company MAFAC has two new owners. Both managing directors Stefan Schaal and Arman Oostendorp are taking over the mechanical engineering company that was founded in 1968 from Joachim and Rainer Schwarz.

The company takeover is the last step in the succession plan, which has been planned and introduced step by step by the two former managing directors. With the withdrawal of Rainer Schwarz from the management, the company is now also being handed over to the two successors.

In future, Stefan Schaal will be in charge of design, research and development, production, finance and human resources, while Armand Oostendorp will be in charge of marketing, sales, customer support, product management and technical quotation.

The change takes place at a time when the company is solidly positioned, geared towards growth and increased efficiency, and positioned as a leading manufacturer of aqueous parts cleaning systems. The two new company owners have participated in the positive development of the company for many years. Stefan Schaal joined the company’s development department in 2008 and was appointed technical managing director in 2019. Armand Oostendorp has been with MAFAC since 2001, initially in design and project planning. In 2021, he joined the management. Over the years, both have been entrusted with growing responsibilities and activities, through which they see themselves well equipped for the new tasks. In addition, they will continue to be supported by the sons of the company’s founder Ernst Schwarz, who will remain firmly connected to the MAFAC company and remain as advisors. Joachim Schwarz will also continue to contribute his expertise in advance development.

It is now up to the new managing director and owner duo to lead MAFAC into the next decade. Together with the second management level “GL plus”, which was founded in 2017, they will follow a five-year plan and work on the challenges of the industry. Topics such as digitalisation, rising material and energy costs, climate change and a shortage of skilled workers will determine the coming years. Core tasks will be:

  • sales expansion and further internationalisation
  • maintaining and further developing innovation and technology leadership
  • stronger positioning of MAFAC as a partner for medium-sized and larger manufacturing companies
  • new focal points in order to position ourselves more broadly and securely for the future, independent of structural change.

Both rely on the strong roots of the company, which provide them with the prerequisite for their vision "to make industrial cleaning resource-saving, high-quality and even more economical and effective”. “As a family-owned technology company, MAFAC stands for trust and sustainability. We want to continue to live up to this claim in the future. We are pleased to be able to take this proud legacy and look forward to working with Joachim and Rainer Schwarz in an advisory capacity for a long time to come,” explains Stefan Schaal. His managing director colleague Armand Oostendorp sees the increasing internationalisation of the medium-sized company as an important opportunity: “We want to secure the long-term future of MAFAC as a globally operating family business. Therefore, we will continue to promote cultural and personnel diversity at MAFAC.”

Managing directors Stefan Schaal and Armand Oostendorp will take over MAFAC on 1 April 2022.


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