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MAFAC PURA - The entry-level model for fast spray cleaning

The compact spray cleaning machine with single bath technology is designed as an all­round parts washer for decentralised use. Accordingly, its design and programming have been reduced to the essentials. The patented and proven MAFAC process technology with counter-rotating basket-nozzle rotation is the indispensable centrepiece of the machine. As a result, the MAFAC PURA works efficiently, ensuring the safe and effective cleaning of the component surfaces. The parts are dried via a hot­air impulse blower system.

High-quality technology for a small budget
In addition to its powerful technology, this machine impresses with its functionality and simplicity. The MAFAC PURA standard selection program has been designed to facilitate easy operation by anyone. This enables customers to start up the system on their own. If needed, the MAFAC telephone support or a service engineer are available for assistance. The equipment also supports uncomplicated handling of the machine in other ways: The starter kit with basket and cleaner makes it easy to get started. The small basket size allows small batches to be processed, or the fast intermediate and final cleaning of individual workpieces. An optional coalescing oil separator and high-quality main-stream filtration ensure a long and stable useful bath life. Another benefit: The voltage range of the machine is suitable for worldwide use. The modern machine design, where MAFAC focuses on the use of new materials, presents a visually appealing appearance within the production facilities. The MAFAC PURA completes the product range and specifically addresses those who are entering the aqueous parts cleaning market, have little experience or work within a tight budget.

Available from stock
When designing the MAFAC PURA, it was decided to apply the "machine-to-go principle" for the first time. The MAFAC PURA is built in batches of 10 and is therefore immediately available from stock. The purchase is not preceded by test cleaning. For the simple applications for which the MAFAC PURA has been designed, we rely on our experience. These were all standardised and incorporated in product development, so that no individual adjustments are necessary, allowing "plug and play" for the user.



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Standard features and options

Standard features:

  • Patented rotating, multi-sided spray system with counter-rotating basket receptacle system
  • Compact design with minimum space requirements
  • Window in the cleaning chamber allows observation of the cleaning process
  • Hinged door as a functional loading and unloading platform
  • Large-capacity holding tank to ensure long useful life of the process water
  • Standard baskets can be used (471L x 321W x 200H mm or 521L x 321W x 200H mm)
  • Mechanical ultrafine filtration in the main stream with filter bag
  • Removable basket filter for collecting dirt particles in the return flow from the cleaning process
  • Stationary hot air impulse blowing system
  • Bath heating system with digital temperature control and limitation
  • Steam extraction with condensation and mist separator
  • Automatic medium level control
  • Simple and convenient operation via the integrated Siemens K300 text display
  • Plug and Play: available at short notice and immediately ready for use
  • Voltage range designed for worldwide use


  • Powerful coalescing oil separator (45 l) with maximum monitoring of the oil collection tank


  • Initial equipment with cleaning agent and basket
  • Collecting tray in accordance with Cl. 19 German Water Management Act (WHG) including oil level sensor
  • Drip tray
  • Draining pump
  • Automatic chemicals dosing

More information

For detailed technical information please refer to our product overview.