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Ernst Schwarz establishes the company as MAFAC Maschinenfabrik for the manufacture of belt grinding machines in Alpirsbach.


MAFAC takes over the "nursery machines" sector of the company Ketterer in Alpirsbach.

MAFAC receives the IF award (for good industrial design) for its belt grinder K100.


The demand for industrial parts cleaning is increasing. MAFAC recognises the potential and builds the first manual and semi-automatic parts washers (cold parts washers).


The MAFAC Technikum opens in Alpirsbach. The manufacturer can now offer its customers belt grinders and the first simple parts washers ("brush and immersion machines").


The foundations for kinematic aqueous parts cleaning are laid by the sons Joachim (1983) and Rainer (1988) with the first modular parts washers of the DR/DT series (first platform designs).


Patent for the unique MAFAC technology of co- and counter-rotation of the basket and nozzle system.

Market launch of the SF 60.40, the world's first small compact machine for aqueous parts cleaning with integrated spray/flood cleaning system, at the Hanover Fair.

Founder Ernst Schwarz retires from the operative business. His two sons Joachim and Rainer Schwarz join the management team and break down the responsibilities according to technology and market.


MAFAC extends its range by the MAFAC ELBA, a spray cleaning machine with double-bath technology for cleaning and rinsing in one single machine.


The MAFAC MALTA is launched on the market: A spray-flood parts washer with up to 3 baths which cleans all sides of the workpieces.


Sale of the belt grinder division to Metabo Schleif- und Polieranlagen.


Completion of the renovation of the production hall.


With the MAFAC JAVA, a spray-flood parts washer with single- or double-bath system for high-quality intermediate and final cleaning of complex components is introduced to the market.


The company launches the compact single-bath machine MAFAC KEA with a spray cleaning system for high-quality intermediate cleaning.

Award of the "Technologie-Preis Süd-West" for the MAFAC patents.


Launch of the MAFAC PALMA. A wide range of technical properties founded on MAFAC's long years of development expertise are combined in the new machine. With its spray flood cleaning system, it is suitable for high-quality final cleaning of sensitive and complex workpieces.


Opening of the sales agency in France.


Expansion of the factory by another manufacturing plant.


MAFAC presents its new compact machine MAFAC MALTA 2nd generation with spray-flood cleaning and patented ultrasonic technology for particle-free degreasing of precision parts.


Farewell to company founder Ernst Schwarz.


Introduction of the MAFAC HEAT.X heat exchanger module for heating medium tanks by means of externally available heat.

A new process for targeted cleaning and drying for the partial and global cleaning of primary and secondary surfaces.


MAFAC secures its future standing: Introduction of a second management level as GLplus team.


MAFAC celebrates its 50th anniversary. The new MAFAC PURA is presented as an anniversary machine and new dimensions of kinematic cleaning are introduced.


The 1st January marks the transition to new leadership for the Technical Management. After 35 years, Joachim Schwarz retires from operational management. Stefan Schaal is the new Technical Managing Director. Together with Rainer Schwarz he has been at the helm of the company since 1st January. Joachim Schwarz continues to be a managing partner and in this role is responsible for the strategic and sustainable development of the company as well as the strategic advance development and innovation of new products and processes.


Completion of the MAFAC Customer Center as a customer center as well as a model and learning factory for energy-efficient production.


Launch of the transfer system MAFAC CONTINUO

Armand Oostendorp becomes the third managing director

Presentation of the new procedure Vacuum Activated Purification (VAP)

Handover of the company to Stefan Schaal and Armand Oostendorp and departure of Rainer Schwarz as managing director

The new owners and managing directors Armand Oostendorp and Stefan Schaal