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MAFAC MALTA - Particle-free degreasing

When searching for a suitable cleaning process and agent, the old rule "dissolving like with like" is still a good guideline. Water-based technologies are used for inorganic contaminations such as emulsions, salts and polishing pastes. The removal of particulate residues such as chips, burrs and abrasion is also considered a job for aqueous parts cleaning. Organic film contaminants such as oils and fats, on the other hand, are largely treated with hydrocarbon and CHC-based systems. However, especially when parts have to be degreased, there are applications for which the increasingly precise processes of aqueous cleaning are ideally suited.

MAFAC has developed a new generation of machines for aqueous cleaning of precision components in response to the increasing demands of the downsizing trend in the industry. With its new kinematic process technology, this machine is designed for efficient, premium-quality cleaning of small components. A compact machine that can be configured individually for customer needs provides this new method as a standard.


Standard features and options

Standard features:

  • Patented rotating, 6-sided spray system with counter-rotating basket receptacle system. A special nozzle arrangement ensures reliable cleaning results
  • Front loading with horizontal sliding door and loading table
  • Spray cleaning, flood cleaning and rinsing in one machine
  • Large holding tanks with cascaded design for a long useful bath life
  • Standard Euro baskets can be used (471L X 321B 200H mm)
  • Removable basket filter for collecting coarse dirt particles in the return flow from the cleaning/rinsing process
  • Separate bath heating system with digital temperature control and limitation
  • Steam extraction with condensation and mist separator
  • Powerful coalescing oil separator with maximum monitoring of the oil collection tank
  • Automatic medium level control
  • Thermal insulation of the holding tank
  • Water contact components made of stainless steel / plastic
  • Intuitive MAFAC MAVIATIC touch panel
  • Floodable cleaning chamber
  • Window in the front of the machine allows observation of the cleaning process
  • Optimised design of the electropolished treatment chamber to minimise media carry-over


  • Rotating hot air impulse blowing system
  • Combined rotating hot air impulse blowing and hot air drying system
  • Vacuum drying
  • Additional spray process with holding tank 3
  • Rotatable and positionable ultrasonic cleaning system
  • Mechanical main stream ultrafine filtration with filter bags or filter candles
  • Speed control for basket rotation including rocking motion
  • Speed control of nozzle rotation
  • Program package for machine pre-heating and media treatment
  • Complete demineralising unit
  • Automatic chemicals dosing
  • Draining pump
  • Collecting tray in accordance with Cl. 19 German Water Management Act (WHG) including oil level sensor
  • Charging trolley
  • Manual roller conveyor
  • Automatic transfer system
  • Modem for remote maintenance of the control system
  • User-friendly MAFAC MAVIATIC plus touch panel,12 inch, with graphic process visualisation
  • Service black box
  • Frequency-controlled pump pressure
  • Reinforced pump systems
  • Rinse water treatment module
  • Fresh water rinsing system
  • Heat exchange module MAFAC HEAT.X
  • Customised colours
  • Further options on request

More information

For detailed technical information please refer to our product overview.