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MAFAC Vacuum Activated Purification (VAP)

Components with narrow capillary structures and angled ducts are a great challenge in parts cleaning – especially if high demands on cleanliness have to be met at increasing costs. With the new MAFAC Vacuum Activated Purification (VAP), MAFAC offers a process for these applications which reliably and economically cleans even deep drilled holes with narrow cross sections on an aqueous basis.

The MAFAC Vacuum Activated Purification (VAP) permits to now also reach deep, capillary structures. In these geometries that are critical for cleaning, this process provides for an improved exchange of media and thus for an improved removal of dirt. To this end, the MAFAC VAP works with purposefully introduced, controlled alternating pressures that increase the cleaning effect of spray or spray-flood cleaning. During this process, the cleaning chamber with the material to be cleaned is first evacuated and then flooded to a pre-defined level. The cleaning agent penetrates into the blind holes and capillaries where it dissolves the dirt particles present there. As a next step, controlled alternating pressure is generated in the cleaning chamber. The regularly alternating pressure conditions produce a media exchange as well as cavity effects, which cause the dirt to be removed effectively but in a material-friendly manner.

Processes for high-grade cleaning requirements
In combination with the patented MAFAC process technology of counter or co-rotating basket receptacle and spraying system, the new process achieves significantly improved cleanliness in terms of particles for parts exhibiting a capillary and complex structure. The process can be programmed in a very flexible manner and tailored to the respective requirements. MAFAC Vacuum Activated Purification is suited for virtually any application, but is particularly suitable for medical engineering, pharmaceutics, the optical industry, electrical engineering and the laser industry. It is even possible to perform cleaning tasks on workpieces originating from 3D printing.

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