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Small and fine - the jubilee machine MAFAC PURA

To mark its 50th anniversary, MAFAC is launched a new machine onto the market: the MAFAC PURA, a powerful entry-level model for rapid, thorough cleaning. The spray cleaning machine of compact design with single bath technology is intended to be used as an all-round parts washer for decentralised use. Accordingly, its structure and its programming have been reduced to the essentials. Since the patented and proven MAFAC process technology with counter-rotating basket-nozzle rotation is the indispensable core of the machine, MAFAC PURA works specifically with turbulences, thus achieving a safe and effective cleaning of the component surfaces. The parts are dried via a hot-air impulse blower system.

High-quality technology for a small budget
In addition to powerful technology, the jubilee machine impresses with its functionality and simplicity. The MAFAC PURA standard selection program has been designed such that it is easy for anyone to operate. This enables the customer to start up the system on his or her own. MAFAC telephone support or a service technician will be available if required. The equipment also supports uncomplicated handling of the machine in other ways: The starter kit with basket and cleaner makes it easy to get started. The small basket size (471x321x200 mm) permits small batches to be processed, or allows an intermediate and final cleaning of individual workpieces. An optional coalescence oil separator and high-quality main-stream filtration ensure long and stable bath service lives. Another benefit: The voltage range of the machine is suitable for worldwide use. The modern machine design, where MAFAC focuses on the use of new materials, presents a visually appealing appearance within the production process.

Available from stock
In this context, MAFAC also decided for the first time to use the "machine to go principle". The MAFAC PURA is built in batches of 10 and is therefore immediately available from stock. The purchase will not be preceded by test cleaning. For the simple applications for which MAFAC PURA has been designed, relies on MAFAC experience. It influenced product development fully in a standardized way, so that no individual adjustments are necessary. This makes "Plug and Play" possible for the user.

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Benefits for the user

  • Patented rotating multi-side spray system with counter-rotating basket receptacle system.
  • Compact design with minimum space requirement.
  • Large-capacity holding tank to ensure long useful life of the process water.
  • Removable basket filters for collecting coarse dirt particles in the return flow.
  • Powerful optional coalescence oil separator system with high-level monitoring of the oil collection tank.
  • Steam extraction with mist collector, return of condensation and condensate.
  • Hinged door as functional loading and unloading platform.
  • Simple and convenient operation via the integrated Siemens LOGO text display!
  • Ultra-fine filtration in the main flow for removing small dirt particles before cleaning.
  • The hot air pulse blowing system keeps residual water to a minimum for a higher degree of dryness of the parts.
  • Cleaning chamber with viewing window for monitoring the cleaning process.
  • Plug and Play: Available at short notice and immediately ready for use.
  • Voltage range designed for worldwide use.


Standard features:

  • Innovative machine design for quick maintenance and easy servicing
  • Front loading with hinged door and sliding plate
  • Rotating spray system with counter-rotating basket receptacle system
  • Standard Euro baskets can be used (471x321x200 mm or 521x321x200 mm)
  • Stationary hot air pulse blowing system
  • Basket filter in return flow
  • Liquid heating system with analogue temperature control and cut-off
  • Steam extraction with condensation and mist separator
  • Large tank with a capacity of 320 litres
  • Height adjustable feet


  • Coalescing oil separator with high-level monitoring of the oil collection tank (45 l)


  • Initial equipment with cleaning agent and basket
  • Collection basin acc. to German Water
  • Resources Act
  • Drip pan


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