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Particle-free degreasing

When searching for a suitable cleaning process and agent, the old aphorism "like dissolves like" is still a good guideline. Accordingly, water-based technologies are used to deal with mineral contamination such as emulsions, salts and polishing pastes. Another strong point of aqueous parts cleaning is the removal of residual particles such as chips, loosened burrs, and abrasion debris. For removing contamination in the form of organic films such as oils or greases, primarily HC- and CHC-based systems are used. But particularly for degreasing, there are applications which can also use aqueous cleaning processes, which are getting more and more precise.

MAFAC has developed a new generation of machines for aqueous cleaning of precision components in response to the increasing demands of the downsizing trend in the industry. With its new kinematic process technology, this machine is designed for efficient, premium-quality cleaning of very small components. A compact machine that can be configured individually for customer needs provides this new method as a standard.

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6-sided spray and drying system ensures that all sides of the parts are exposed to the cleaning agent

  • Better and more even cleaning result than with stationary systems in which only 5 sides of the parts are exposed to the agent
  • Higher flexibility in parts positioning
  • Increased process safety
  • Reduced energy consumption

Rotating ultrasound unit with selectable position 

  • Reduction of shadow zones thanks to direct exposure of critical areas of the parts geometry
  • Increased process safety
  • Reduced cycle time and energy consumption

Compact, optimized design 

  • Well-arranged, easily accessible assemblies
  • Requires less space

Optimized design of the treatment chamber

  • Spray nozzles close to the centre of rotation
  • Carry-over of clearing agents reduced to a minimum
  • Optimized run-off behaviour
  • Extended bath life


Optimal options for combining filter and pump systems

  • Choose from a range of standard options and combinations to adapt the cleaning process perfectly to your cleaning requirements

Intuitive user interface

  • Developed in cooperation with users and with Ergosign, an expert for user interfaces
  • Intuitive operation
  • Easy to understand

Service black box 

  • Service data logger with USB interface for recording all relevant machine processes
  • For fast diagnosis and support in case of faults

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