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Versatile spray cleaning with a powerful dual wash tank system.

The MAFAC ELBA is your reliable partner in mastering the versatile requirements of inudstrial parts cleaning. The well-proven dual wash tank system is compact, powerful, eco-friendly and can be used flexibly for a wide range of cleaning applications.

Proven worldwide in a wide variety of industries

ELBA cleaning systems provide for clean results after machining processes. Companies in the car industry and their suppliers, end users in the electronics industry and in machine shops benefit from the MAFAC ELBA's advantages as do electro-plating, hardening and coating shops. Bulk materials, single workpieces, as well as batches of stainless steel, mild steel, cast iron, non-ferrous metals or even plastics are cleaned reliably.

Wide range of cleaning processes and programs

The dual wash tank technology, in combination with unique process technologies, offers a wide range of options for efficient pre- and post treatment processes. According to your specific demands, the two wash tanks can be used, for example, for washing and rinsing. By offering a rotating pulsed compressed air blast drying system or a stationary hot air drying system, MAFAC provides for high-quality options in drying technology meeting customers' individual system requirements.

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Benefits for the user

  • Patented rotating multi-side spray system with counter-rotating basket pickup system (can be switched off). With specifically arranged nozzles for reliable cleaning results.
  • Two large-capacity tanks for long life of the process water.
  • Cascade design of tanks for extended life of media.
  • Reduced energy consumption thanks to insulated tanks.
  • Separate heating of tanks.
  • Removable swarf filter trays for collecting coarse dirt particles in the return flow from the cleaning/rinsing process.
  • Coalescing oil separation system with integrated surface suction device in tank 1 and high-level monitoring of the oil collection tank.

  • Steam extraction with mist collector, return of condensation and condensate.
  • Hinged door with drip tray as a versatile load/unload platform. After the end of the cleaning process, automatic opening of the hinged door is possible.
  • Easy-to-use MAFAC MAVIATIC touch panel.
  • Ultra-fine filtration on pressure side of the pump for removing small dirt particles before cleaning/rinsing.
  • The hot air pulse blowing system keeps residual water to a minimum for a higher degree of dryness in the parts.
  • Hot air drying system for optimum heating and efficient drying of the parts.

Machine specifications

Standard features:

  • Front loading with hinged door and sliding plate
  • Counter-rotating spray system and parts loading system
  • Spray cleaning and rinsing in one machine
  • EURO standard baskets can be used (600 x 400 x 288)
  • Underwater swarf filter tray
  • Bath heating system with analogue temperature control and cut-off
  • Thermal insulation of tanks
  • Steam extraction with condensation and mist separator
  • Coalescing oil separator with high-level monitoring of the oil collection tank
  • Media fill level control
  • Water contact components made of stainless steel / plastic
  • Easy-to-use MAFAC MAVIATIC touch panel


  • Rotating pulse blowing system
  • Stationary hot air drying system
  • Working chamber size adjustable to max. 660L x 480W x 338H (mm)
  • ELBA 100 with a chamber size of max. 1.000L x 480W x 338H (mm)
  • Ultra-fine filtration on pressure side of pump
  • Speed control for basket rotation including oscillation
  • Program package for machine pre-heating and media treatment
  • DI unit
  • Draining pump
  • Bund tray acc. to German Water Resources Act
  • Automatic vertical sliding door as an alternative to the hinged door
  • Charging trolley
  • Modem for remote maintenance of the control system
  • Automatic transfer system
  • Speed control with nozzle rotation
  • Frequency-controlled pump pressure
  • Rinse water treatment module
  • Heat exchange module MAFAC HEAT.X
  • Larger versions available on request

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