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Baton change at MAFAC

As of January 1, 2019, there will be a personnel change at MAFAC: Joachim Schwarz, son of company founder Ernst Schwarz and active in the company for over 35 years, passes on the technical management baton to Stefan Schaal.

37-year-old Stefan Schaal was born in Upper Palatinate in Bavaria and has been with MAFAC since 2008. He studied mechanical engineering at the University of Stuttgart and initially joined the company as a development engineer. He was later responsible for development and design and has been a member of the management board since 2016. Thanks to consistent support from Joachim Schwarz, he gained in-depth knowledge of the company and will in future manage the 100-employee company alongside Rainer Schwarz, the commercial managing director.

"I am looking forward to this new task and would like to thank the Schwarz family for the great trust they have placed in me. My goal is to preserve MAFAC's core competencies based on the same core values. This includes the high esteem in which our employees are held and our focus on innovative technologies. The future offers many opportunities but also challenges such as increasing digitisation and networking. These must be taken up, used and pioneered."

Rainer Schwarz is convinced that MAFAC is well positioned for the future: “By passing the baton to Stefan Schaal, an important step has been taken towards the change of generations. We see the new line-up as setting the course for the successful continuation of the company."

The retirement of his brother Joachim Schwarz from operative management marks the end of an era. The 64-year-old was already involved in the establishment of his father's company at a young age. After studying mechanical engineering and process engineering at the University of Stuttgart, he became technical managing director of MAFAC and in this capacity created the basis for the innovative strength of the company by means of intensive research and development work. This is evident from several pending patent applications. Even after withdrawing from operative management, Joachim Schwarz will remain with the company as a shareholder. He would like to use his newly gained time to devote himself intensively to the topics "future and environment". "Our company is operating in exciting times which are at the same time characterised by many challenges. If we stay on the move and face the changing conditions, we can consolidate and further expand our position in the market. I would like to continue making my contribution to this."