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MAFAC presents new cleaning process at the FiT conference in Ulm

What does a hand brush have to do with dynamic cleaning? It is well suited for presenting technical processes in a simple way. Within the scope of the series of lectures "High process and product quality through perfection", Stefan Schaal, Technical Managing Director of MAFAC, introduced the new vector kinematics at the 28th Industrial Parts Cleaning Symposium of the FiT e.V. in Ulm. Using a hand brush, he impressively demonstrated the movement sequences of the new cleaning technology and was thus able to explain in a comprehensible manner how the movements result in up to 60 % greater contact with the medium.

Thanks to the lively and vivid way in which Stefan Schaal presented the process by means of a hand brush, enhanced with technological know-how, he received a great deal of applause from his audience. At the same time, he aroused lively interest in the new technology and was pleased about the ensuing profound exchange after the lecture. Questions on increasing the cleaning quality and saving resources as well as on areas of application, availability and significance of vector kinematics for the entire industry moved the expert audience. You can read more on the new vector kinematics in the interview with Stefan Schaal.

Vivid presentation of vector kinematics by means of a hand brush.

The standard part that has been specially developed by MAFAC for carrying out comparative cleaning tests arouses great interest.