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MAFAC up close – Jubilee reception on the occasion of the 50th anniversary

A look behind the scenes was given at MAFAC during the jubilee talks on 5 and 20 June 2018. Numerous guests accepted the invitation of the two managing directors Joachim and Rainer Schwarz, among them mayor Michael Pfaff, members of the municipal council, representatives of the IHK Nordschwarzwald, cooperation partners from schools and universities as well as journalists of the technical and daily press. The programme included an exciting journey through time into the past 50 years of the company, which also provided a promising outlook into the future of MAFAC.

This is how the guests learned that the company name was decided at the Sunday family council and that it already expressed the bond to the region: MAFAC is the abbreviation of MAschinenFabrik AlpirsbaCh – the “C” was picked out from the word “Bach” and contains a clear commitment to the location. Furthermore, the two managing directors reported that the company, which once started off with wage labour in the basement of the company founder Ernst Schwarz's house, has developed into a leading, internationally active manufacturer of aqueous parts cleaning machines thanks to consistent focusing and expansion of the machine and process technology. Forward-looking action, the quest for linear, healthy growth, pronounced research and development work and an open, employee-friendly corporate culture were ground-breaking in this respect and have been formative for MAFAC to this day.

With a firm eye on the company's future, Joachim and Rainer Schwarz presented current measures designed to ensure the success and further growth of MAFAC. They cited a step-by-step plan as an essential building block that prepares for the coming change of generations in the medium and long term. First steps in this direction were already taken in 2017 with the introduction of a second management level. Numerous investments, such as the extension of the MAFAC campus with new applications technical centre and the expansion of production capacities, also serve to secure the company's success and further growth. The inauguration is expected for the end of 2019.

The company expressed its solidarity with the region and its people with a donation of 4,000 EUR to the DRK Ortsverband Alpirsbach and with a flower meadow sponsorhip at the Black Forest Nature Park, for which the managing directors received from Lili Wahli, project manager of the Black Forest Nature Park, a sponsorship certificate and small seed bags for the approximately 90 employees (more). Other projects, which are dear to the managing directors' hearts and have also received EUR 3,000 each, are CloudFisher and Viva con agua. CloudFisher are fog collectors that are used to produce high-quality drinking water from fog at a reasonable price, which can then be made available to countless people. The principle used here will in future be used as bionic dehumidification in the MAFAC machines.  The commitment to Viva con agua also benefits the MAFAC employees: The provision of plastic-free drinking bottles from the company Soulbottles promotes the drinking of water and in addition avoids plastic waste. One euro is donated to the Viva con agua organisation with each drinking bottle.

The company values and the high degree of innovation became almost tangible during the tour of the company, during which the guests gained an insight into production, training and the technical centre. The subsequent open exchange with the guests while refreshments were being served brought the event to a successful conclusion.

Donation to Dr. Mahabadi, Chairwoman of the DRK Alpirsbach.

MAFAC becomes a sponsor of a flower meadow.

During the company tour.