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Insightful visit to Küfner, the leading German manufacturer of filter screens in Albstadt

It was an exciting experience for the marketing and sales staff: at Küfner in Albstadt, the leading German manufacturer of filter screens for the automotive, mechanical engineering, motor equipment, medical engineering, domestic and environmental engineering and aerospace industries, the MAFAC team was allowed to take a look behind the scenes. The surprising thing was that everyone uses the Küfner filters every day without even knowing it. In virtually every ABS system, in fuel supply lines, transmissions, engine controls... You just don't see the filters. Werner Ulfikowski (Head of Production & Logistics) and Achim Roth (Head of Purchasing) gave a short company presentation and then led the visitors through the company. On more than 100 ARBURG injection moulding machines, which originate from a site very close to MAFAC, as well as on a further 50 special machines, more than 350 million filters are produced every year. Many of these filters are cleaned in a spray-flood parts washer MAFAC PALMA. It was very interesting for the employees to see this machine in action, as some had already dealt with the MAFAC PALMA in the course of order processing. 

Werner Ulfikowski provides interesting insights into the production process.

The MAFAC PALMA is used to clean filter screens.