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A visit to MAFAC – Students explore water

For more than 40 years, MAFAC has been a major player in the field of aqueous parts cleaning – long enough to acquire extensive know-how about the element of water. In early June, around 30 students of the Oberes Kitzingtal Middle School in Alpirsbach got the chance to tap this resource of knowledge when they paid MAFAC a visit in the frame of their school's traditional "Water Project Week". Under guidance of MAFAC employees and apprentices, they spent four hours investigating, testing and observing: "What happens when you mix water and oil? And when you add salt, or ink?" The experiments gave the students close-up impressions of the phenomena of emulsion or emulsifier, with the "blue-bottle experiment" as a surprising highlight. They also learnt how the MAFAC technology helps customers to clean "sticky and smudgy stuff" off their components.

Thirsty for knowledge, the students did not restrict themselves to the topic of water and its significance for industrial parts cleaning but also used the chance to quiz the apprentices about their job training and to ask the employees about their daily work in the company. The teenagers were particularly fascinated by the two Demonstrators, two model machines designed and built by MAFAC apprentices, which show an actual cleaning process and demonstrate clearly what happens during aqueous parts cleaning or oil separation.

"The natural effect of water, and in fact all the wonders of nature in general never cease to awe me. We feel that it is important to give the young people an idea of this, also from the point of view of the application in industry. For me personally, these meetings are always very rewarding," says Managing Director Joachim Schwarz.

The students' response was highly positive, as was evident by their intelligent questions and comments during the visit.
At the end of the visit, MAFAC treated them to buttered pretzels and ice lollies for dessert.