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Investigating the cleaning process – MAFAC apprentices support the research project of Darmstadt Technical University

Which parameters are essential for an optimum cleaning result, and what is the best ratio of these parameters? A number of MAFAC apprentices had to find the answers to these questions when designing a machine model for demonstrating the basics of aqueous parts cleaning; the model was to be used in the research project "ETA Factory" by Darmstadt Technical University. To this end, the apprentices created a "Demonstrator" in the form of a transparent cube in which the individual parameters time, temperature, cleaning agent, and movement can be enabled one after the other. The observer sees clearly how the variables change with the ratio of the parameters, and how this affects the cleaning result. "Our aim was to design a teaching tool for explaining the types of energy used in the cleaning process," says Joachim Schwarz, MAFAC Managing Director.

From design over material sourcing to construction, the apprentices themselves were responsible for the implementation of the teaching machine: "We wanted to give our apprentices the opportunity to work independently to acquire organization skills and teamwork capabilities," Joachim Schwarz explains.The apprentices created an impressive model which is now a part of the "Lernparcours", the education tour of the "ETA Factory" on the campus of Darmstadt Technical University. The "Lernparcours" is the brainchild of the inter-disciplinary research project of the same name which investigates energy-saving options on the shop floor. MAFAC has been involved with the project for four years.In a number of "education islands", visitors can get information on the findings of the research project. Based on the positive feedback, MAFAC is planning to implement further variations of the Demonstrator for use at trade shows or in cleaning seminars.
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