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Happy anniversary: MAFAC France is celebrating its 10th anniversary

MAFAC has cause for celebration: Ten years ago, the French branch office in Soultz-sous-Forêts in Alsace took up operation. Since then, Branch Manager Michel Roeder and his colleagues have served the French market with aqueous parts washers from Alpirsbach and ultrasonic cleaning units made by ELMA, stainless steel parts washers by Render and sand and ball blasting machines by AUER. Furthermore, MAFAC France represents the companies ATL (thermal deburring) and LTA (industrial air cleaning). Having experienced turbulent times, the team of MAFAC France can now proudly present a positive market development. So, they had very good reason to celebrate their 10th anniversary and invited the entire German staff to join them.

On a Friday afternoon, the German MAFAC employees made the 115 km trip to the small town of "Sultz unterm Wald" just on the other side of the German-French border to spend a relaxed time at their French colleagues'. They were welcomed in the premises of MAFAC France with a reception and a buffet of culinary specialties. Managing Director Rainer Schwarz gave a speech looking back at the last years, appreciating the commitment of the French branch office: "With the foundation of this branch ten years ago, we established the basis for a successful presence on the French market. Thanks to the relentless commitment of Branch Manager Michel Roeder and his team, we were able to overcome all the obstacles a company has to remove when opening up external markets, and we managed to put our distribution on a solid basis." According to Rainer Schwarz, the success is attributable not least to the strong team spirit and lively exchange of experience with the French colleagues.

Michel Roeder, who has been the head of the branch since 2006, reciprocated by thanking Rainer Schwarz for the trust placed in this team's performance, and for the amiable cooperation.

The familiar atmosphere between the two companies made the evening get-together particularly agreeable: With a four-course menu in the Kirrwiller Royal Palace and the wonderful vaudeville show "Imagine", the anniversary was a great success which further strengthened the relations between the staff in the two countries. "These are the best preconditions for continuing our excellent cooperation," Rainer Schwarz says happily.