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User reports

"The PALMA proves its worth in every respect" - at Küfner in Albstadt, plastic filter screens are cleaned in the MAFAC system

"For our requirements, aqueous cleaning is the optimum solution," says production manager Werner Ulfikowski. Around 2.5 million plastic and metal filters are cleaned every week at Küfner - in the MAFAC PA...

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Cleaning of turned parts for increasing demands - Otto Kapferer GmbH relies on MAFAC JAVA and MAFAC ELBA

Spray-flood parts cleaning secures process reliability in further processing
Rising quantities and increasingly complex parts geometries of turned parts made from different materials have raised the demands on parts cleaning at CNC turning company

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High cleanliness values for enormous variety of parts: MAFAC PALMA at Trumpf GmbH

TRUMPF Laser GmbH in Schramberg is going into repetition: Due to the constantly growing volume of parts and increasing cleanliness requirements, the technology company recently had a second PALMA parts cleaning system in...

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The MAFAC PALMA is an indispensable part of the automation process at ALPLA in Hard

Optimum parts washer for a fully automated production line

The production line for machining individual and series components for the manufacture of injection moulds for plastic moulded parts (such as closures of all kinds) is like a room inside a ...

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Water replaces solvent: At Hecker Werke GmbH the MAFAC JAVA ensures component cleanliness for coating

Component cleanliness for coating

An important prerequisite for coatable surfaces is their cleanliness. At Hecker Werke GmbH, a seal manufacturer in Weil im Schönbuch, MAFAC's cleaning te...

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