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User reports

Water replaces solvent: At Hecker Werke GmbH the MAFAC JAVA ensures component cleanliness for coating

Component cleanliness for coating

An important prerequisite for coatable surfaces is their cleanliness. At Hecker Werke GmbH, a seal manufacturer in Weil im Schönbuch, MAFAC's cleaning te...

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Friedr. Dick cleans heavily soiled knife blades with the MAFAC PALMA

Hirschmann GmbH uses the MAFAC ELBA to clean motor racing parts

Cleaning specialist meets highest demands in the manufacture of high-precision turned parts

Everything centres on highest precision at Grieshaber GmbH & Co. KG, a manufacturer of turned parts based in Schiltach in the Black Forest. Every year, more than 100 million high-precision parts made of non...

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Isabellenhütte Heusler GmbH & Co. KG - Sophisticated process engineering for optimum anti-tarnish coating with MAFAC PALMA and MAFAC JAVA

At Isabellenhütte in Dillenburg, six MAFAC cleaning machines are on board for highly complex cleaning tasks

"The cleaning machines on our shop floor are no off-the-shelf models. They have been individually adjusted to our req...

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