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User reports

High cleaning quality for upmarket special purpose machinery manufacture: Eckerle Industrie GmbH installed MAFAC JAVA with vector kinematics

In order to make cleaning gunmetal parts as efficiently as possible, Eckerle Industrie GmbH in Ottersweier uses a MAFAC JAVA type spray-flooding machine. In particular the new vector kinematics method is designed...

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The MAFAC JAVA as an important part of a fully automated manufacturing process at Festool in Neidlingen

MAFAC JAVA cleaning system at Festool in Neidlingen
The robot picks up the workpiece, places it on the workpiece holder and transports it to the MAFAC JAVA cleaning system via the transfer system. ...

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Total ease of operation and maximum efficiency - MAFAC JAVA installed at Reiser AG is equipped with an interface for the in-house ERP system

“Cleaning in the JAVA system is clearly an improvement in quality for us, in particular with regard to the measurements that we take randomly for each order”, says division manager Daniel Reiser. A convincin...

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Removing oxides thoroughly and economically - MAFAC JAVA and MAFAC PALMA in action at Roland Fleischer GmbH

The contract manufacturer Roland Fleischer produces hydraulic and control blocks in aluminium, cast iron and HYT 60. The aim is to guarantee high quality standards and short delivery times. In order to re...

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"The PALMA proves its worth in every respect" - at Küfner in Albstadt, plastic filter screens are cleaned in the MAFAC system

"For our requirements, aqueous cleaning is the optimum solution," says production manager Werner Ulfikowski. Around 2.5 million plastic and metal filters are cleaned every week at Küfner - in the MAFAC PA...

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