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Ten MAFAC employees celebrate company anniversary

To kick off the year, MAFAC’s managing directors honoured ten loyal companions for their many years of commitment in a small but festive circle. With heartfelt words, Rainer Schwarz and Stefan Schaal addressed the well-deserving employees and acknowledged their many years of experience as an important pillar of the company.

“Honouring long-serving employees is firmly anchored in our corporate tradition. We want to duly honour this also in the third year of the pandemic and thank you for your loyalty,” said Rainer Schwarz. The close ties, the daily commitment and the untiring support of the employees through ups and downs contribute significantly to the company’s success and cannot be replaced by anything else. Especially the experienced jubilarians know MAFAC from the past and today and have witnessed an enormous change.

“With so many changes, companies need communicative, loyal and solution-oriented employees. Especially in challenging times like we are currently experiencing, they give the company security and a future”, explained Stefan Schaal. The 2021 financial year was positive for MAFAC overall. Despite restrictions or acute supply and material bottlenecks worldwide, sales and the order situation developed well. Nevertheless, there are many challenges to be mastered, for which MAFAC sees itself well equipped thanks to all employees and their cohesion.

All in all, the employees have been with the company for 230 years this year. Andreas Homberg and Benjamin Oehl were honoured for 10 years. Erik Koetje, Vitali Majer, Managing Director Arman Oostendorp and Denis Tereschenko have been with the company for 20 years. Steffen Haas celebrates his 25th anniversary, Christine Schwarz was honoured for 30 years of loyalty to the company and Stephan Finkel for 35 years. Edeltraud Knöpfle is the longest-serving employee with 40 years of service. During the small round of honours, Karl-Martin Schuhmacher was also given a well-deserved retirement.

In recognition of their many years of commitment, the managing directors presented the honourees with a gift basket containing culinary delicacies from the region. Some were also presented with a certificate from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK).

The jubilee ceremony at MAFAC took place in a small, festive setting. From left to right: Managing Director Stefan Schaal, Christine Schwarz, Kerstin Stauss, Stephan Finkel, Vitali Majer, Benjamin Oehl, Edeltraud Knöpfle, Denis Tereschenko, Managing Director Armand Oostendorp, Steffen Haas, Managing Director Rainer Schwarz. Not in the picture are Andreas Homberg, Erik Koetje and Karl-Martin Schuhmacher.

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