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Strong together – International sales meeting at MAFAC

The traditional international sales meeting was held on 28th and 29th June at the MAFAC Customer Centre after a break because of pandemic. The invitation was accepted by around 30 sales partners, including participants from the USA, South Korea, the DACH region, France, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Hungary, Turkey and from Sweden. The programme included introduction of the new managing directors and owners Stefan Schaal and Armand Oostendorp, the future corporate strategy, information on new technologies and products as well as joint exchange on various markets. In addition, a lot of time was also spent on networking and brainstorming.

“One of our primary objectives was to send the signal to our sales partners that MAFAC remains under family ownership and the company is continuing with its previous values”, explains Stefan Schaal. As among employees, cooperation with national and international sales partners in the future should continue to be characterised by an open and respectful interaction as well as by independent and solution-oriented cooperation. “We desire continued close cooperation and intensive exchange about market experiences. Every impression, every feeling is thus very valuable and can be taken as suggestion for improvements or as an active stimulus for changes. On this basis, together we can develop and sell market-relevant product”, adds Armand Oostendorp.

Towards this purpose, plenary sessions alternated with info rounds in small groups. In this, sales partners could exchange notes with colleagues from sales, marketing and product management. “Direct connection with each other is very important for us. Here, it is very fascinating to observe our product-, sales- and marketing concepts from different perspectives. Many ideas and impulses are revealed, which also sensitise us to internal as well as external needs”, explains Bettina Kern, Head of Marketing and Sales.

The result of the intensive meeting was a motivated sales team, which left the Alpirsbacher headquarters brimming with many new ideas and potentials. “MAFAC is active across the world. Events like this are very important to increase our national and international market cultivation. They are an elementary component for mutual understanding, motivation and team spirit, especially in the midst of the current challenges arising due to corona pandemic, climate change and the global economic situation”, says Peter Ruoff, Head of Marketing and Sales.

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