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Klaus Mack visits MAFAC

As part of his #mackontour, CDU candidate for the Bundestag Klaus Mack visited our company MAFAC in Alpirsbach together with Mayor Michael Pfaff. A one-hour exchange with the partners Joachim and Rainer Schwarz and the managing directors Stefan Schaal and Armand Oostendorp was followed by a tour of Production and the new MAFAC Customer Centre.

Topics of the joint discussions were aspects of climate-neutral production, ways to cope with the shortage of skilled labour, the current needs of medium-sized enterprises in the region as well as the technical developments in the field of aqueous parts cleaning. “My visit has confirmed the many positive impressions I had already gained beforehand,” Klaus Mack commented. With this, he refers to the high degree of innovation and the technological leadership of the company that is with equal intensity committed to concepts and solutions for sustainable production and economic management.

Focus on sustainability
Responsibility for people and the environment has always been a mainstay of MAFAC. This became clear during the presentation of the company’s patented machine technology that is geared towards economic and resource-conserving parts cleaning. Another milestone for MAFAC’s climate-neutral behaviour is the customer centre MAFAC MCC that was completed in 2020. The centre was implemented according to a holistic energy concept and thanks to an intelligent integration of building services and machine park achieves a climate neutrality of up to 60 percent. An important component of the new building is the Technical Centre where test cleaning and customer consulting take place. “We have designed the Technical Centre as a learning and model factory, where our machines and technologies are demonstrated in a live process and their energy savings potentials can be experienced. This is the basis on which we, together with our customers, can develop and implement solutions for a CO2-reduced production,” explains Stefan Schaal. Klaus Mack was enthusiastic about this approach and at the same time impressed how comprehensively MAFAC is already implementing climate-neutral behaviour in its corporate workaday life and in its technologies: “MAFAC is exemplary for the fact that companies in our region take the topics energy efficiency and climate protection seriously and recognise their responsibility in this regard. Clearly more is happening there than is often assumed by the public.”

Infrastructure and ways to secure qualified employees
Further topics touched on during the visit were opportunities and challenges faced by medium-sized industrial enterprises, social interaction and investments in the future to foster a strong regional development. On the topic of promotion of regional economic growth, the two managing directors Stefan Schaal and Armand Oostendorp also expressed some wishes: “Apart from the challenges entailed by the structural change in the automotive industry, we are faced with the task of aligning our company with digital technology and achieving a better overall connection. For this we require an efficient and area-wide Internet connection, stable delivery chains and smooth access to materials and raw materials. The recruitment and retention of skilled labour is also important. Apart from comprehensive training and qualification offers, this requires a humane, unbureaucratic and viable immigration policy.”

Klaus Mack confirmed the importance of medium-sized companies for the region and argued for the creation of a good framework to secure value creation, prosperity, and jobs now and in future. “The discussions with Mr Mack and Mr Pfaff yielded important ‘Aha’ moments for all involved. For us as an enterprise it is therefore important to regularly seek an exchange with various political representatives. In this way, we can create valuable insights for both sides and jointly contribute towards a secure future for the region”, Armand Oostendorp commented.

Mack On Tour

During the visit of CDU candidate for the Bundestag Klaus Mack, a tour through Production yielded further insights into the company MAFAC.
From left to right: Joachim Schwarz, Stefan Schaal, Klaus Mack, Michael Pfaff, Rainer Schwarz, Armand Oostendorp.

Mack On Tour

From left to right: Joachim Schwarz, Stefan Schaal, Armand Oostendorp, Klaus Mack, Michael Pfaff, Rainer Schwarz.

Mack On Tour

Stopover for talks at the Technical Centre of the MAFAC Customer Centre. The machine park is set up like a learning and model factory for a climate-neutral production.
From left to right: Armand Oostendorp, Klaus Mack, Stefan Schaal, Joachim Schwarz, Michael Pfaff, Rainer Schwarz.

Mack On Tour

Premium-quality cleaning technology: Managing directors Stefan Schaal and Armand Oostendorp explain the background to the patented MAFAC process.
From left to right: Stefan Schaal, Klaus Mack, Armand Oostendorp, Michael Pfaff.

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