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Personal discussions – Press meetings at MAFAC

Far from trade fairs and digital communication, MAFAC took the chance on June 30th 2022 and gave an invitation for a press meeting due to the generational change that had just happened. Five journalists accepted the invitation and came to the MAFAC customer centre, in order to inform themselves about the reasons for the change of shareholders and the future corporate orientation of the company MAFAC. The event did not only provide a look behind the scenes, but also the ideal opportunity to discuss subjects in detail and to exchange ideas among industry representatives on a casual basis.


“Our cleaning processes and machine concepts always need a lot of explanations. Therefore, it was important to us to use the baton change, in order to explain our plans for the company as well as to explain our processes,” Stefan Schaal named the reason for the event and thereby refers to the importance of personal contact to media representatives. “We are facing challenging times, in which change and flexibility are more than ever the only predictable things. We’re following a plan, that has to be adapted at some points due to the current circumstances. In order to gain understanding from the inside as well as on the outside for this fact, open and regular communication with media representatives is of the same importance for us as communication with our employees, customers and partners,” Armand Oostendorp attaches.


It has become apparent during the conversation, that a direct insight into a company and its products brings the desired “wow-effect”. This helped to dissolve a lot of questions regarding the market requirements, the current technical possibilities and the development work of MAFAC. Moreover, it has been possible to conjointly discuss, possibilities for a faithful and efficient cooperation.

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